Open the Door

by Morgan Herrell

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Recorded approximately between the years 2002-2010 these are what I hope are the best of my attempts at home recording and a few collaborations with friends. Recored on Tascam MF-P01, Tascam 488 Portastudio, Roland VS 1680 and Computer.

Thank you to Bob Vielma and Skylar Suorez for helping me with recording the better-sounding of these songs.


released December 9, 2014

Morgan Herrell - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals and misc. other noises.

Bob Vielma - Bass Guitar on "Wanted"
Matt Keegan - Electric Guitar on "Wanted"
Max Feshbach - Drums on "Wanted"



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Morgan Herrell California

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Track Name: Overcoat
I got an overcoat
and a stupid love note that I wrote in my pocket
that I'm waiting to give to you
and I got some jokes I know
and I'm running them over just to show you
that I got a sense of humor
talk it, talk it talk oh talk yourself up
I could talk in circles around the stuff
that I wanna say but I'm trying to keep a good face
original transformer everything you touch turns to rubber
now I'm into glue all the things that I say
stick to me when they bounce off you
Track Name: Open the Door
I got an apartment filled with thrift store furniture
it's all at least 15 years old I am sure
it's all chipped and cracked and torn up
it's all out of style and worn out
but I love it even the chipped and cracked stoneware
I love it with ochre flowers patterned everywhere
she's got herself locked up in the bathroom
behind an antique brass doorknob
earlier before she told me she'd try and
slit her throat with a grapefruit spoon
if I didn't give her some room
and I said baby please get out of there
oh baby come on get out of there
open the door so I can tell you what I really think of you
some people call me the space cowboy
some call me the gangster of love
if you come out right now I plan on dropping all these lame analogies
and quoting my favorite bands that you never ever heard of
Track Name: Shut Up
you know you make me crazy
when you won't shut up
and you don't shut up
like the time when you talked
for hours upon end on and on
you know it makes me crazy
when I don't speak up
and I don't speak up
like the time when I stayed quiet
for hours upon end
Track Name: How Much Money Do You Got
I wish that I could like you
like you want me too
but if it wasn't for your money
I couldn't stand to be around you
how much money do you got
I want it all and I'm not giving it back at all
I write ten or twenty IOUs
and you lead me along
a little dance a little song
I'd pay you back now
but the money's all gone
Track Name: Lemon Wedge
we love sitting here
against the party grain
hold tight your fears
show on your face
like an ink-stain
watch them appear
and disappear
into the waiting arms
of the night
you might be right
I saw you through the hedge
your drink looked like
it wanted a lemon wedge
just call me sister sledge
shut up I got bets to hedge
Track Name: What Do You Say
hey what do you say to a walk
just the two of us together
we can walk and talk and maybe even chew gum
if you can handle that
I think I might be able to handle that
maybe we could go back to
someplace a little more private
I got so much stuff to talk about
I might never run out
hey what do say I wanna see you naked
on my bed on your back
but I'm not that crass it stays in
we can look at maps and have a laugh
and maybe even a rat attack
hey what do you say