by Morgan Herrell

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released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Morgan Herrell California

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Track Name: Mouth
her mouth goes open and shut
but no words are coming out
her eyes say she don't know what to say
can't mouth the words and spit them out
I baked a cake for the party
and no one else brought anything
I'm sorry if I flaked on our appointment
I had a busy day
my eyes go open and shut
but the scene it just stays the same
I know it ain't gonna change
can you blame me for trying
Track Name: Radiant Light
the witch was white
dressed in black
with eyes so bright
and a gaze like a knife
to cut through life
and release the light
the radiant light
Track Name: Packet
I had to laugh
when she said that we come back
I hadn't thought of that in years
and now your little sister's here
laughing at what she don't know
they couldn't make me stay
open up another packet
I know how much you love it
it could be you and I in a dirty basement
and I'd be happy
you got a husband now
I guess we all just found out
what's your robot boy about
when you stopped taking calls from my friend
do you want out
why don't you just fucking do it
you gotta know you want it
believe me they can't keep you forever
just to be unhappy
Track Name: Yellow Waves
you passed out
face down lights out
on the front bench
and I'm looking out
on yellow waves
all shoegaze
why do you need it
for the feeling